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October 1, 2018

There is worldwide speculation as to who is more credible or who is more believable…. Judge Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford. As Judge Kavanaugh prepares for a seat as a Supreme Court Justice, Dr. Christine Ford alleges that he assaulted her while they were in high school. Their testimonies and multiple discussions have taken place among people on either side of the issue to the point that an FBI investigation has to take place. Locally, citizens sometimes have faced situations on which both sides provide facts that they say are true by 100 percent. Actually, the division extends much farther than the facts presented in the case. They have become political where Republicans and Democrats line up against each other. Then, it always become racially divided with Blacks and Whites choosing sides primarily due to color. The most recent element of concern is the Women’s Groups, such as “Me Too” which is extremely vocal and strong across the United States. Locally, we are seeing more and more women running for public offices and there have been hints of women desiring to run for mayor when that time comes. On the local front Women’s groups are not so vocal during these days. However, almost anybody or any group given an opportunity will voice an opinion about the critical situation in the country. Whatever decision is made in Washington D. C., whether it is with Judge Kavanaugh or with Dr. Ford, the entire country will reap the results in some form.

God Bless America!


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