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Kalon "Kalaboo" Jones Mysterious Death


August 2, 2018

It's difficult being a young person these days. It is especially tough when people say anything to get your trust then betray it. There are only a few who can be trusted - God, mother or father, and some lifetime friends. Many times we trust folks but they lead us astray. Sadly, the death of Kalon Jones has her family and many confused. The news of her tragic death had lines buzzing.

Kalon's family is devastated by this tragic event. All the uncertainties and questions involving her mysterious passing can drive a family to pieces and lead people to wonder if there is something else that could have been done. Kalon's life was cut short Wednesday, July 25. Police are investigating the circumstances which led to her death but have not released any details. Sources tell the Dispatch that Kalon lost her life in New Orleans, LA. She was well known in Monroe, LA by many and is already missed. Please pray for her family.


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