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City Schools Employees' Personal Info Allegedly Accessed


August 2, 2018

Four years ago there was a near-complete overhaul of the Monroe City School Board, as four new members, a former board member, and new superintendent were seated. The current board’s performance has received mixed reviews, as the oversight from the Department of Justice concerning a decades old desegregation lawsuit seems to be settled, but there appears to be some things that are going on in the city school system that some believe that Superintendent Brent Vidrine should address.

There is a situation in the system where an employee is claimed to have gotten access to more than twenty people’s social security numbers through means that could be deemed illegal. It is alleged that this person has not been investigated by the school board or superintendent according to sources with knowledge of the matter. Many people rightfully want to know how sensitive information such as social security numbers and perhaps other private information was shared so easily. There are many questions that need to be answered by the Superintendent and other leaders. The incident happened this past June, and the person involved in this matter is alleged to have been transferred to another school system yet the public hasn’t heard any news from the school board about this incident.

As the election nears for potential new board members to be seated, the jury is still out on the current one, as there are some voices on the board that used to be heard, but have now become silent. Questions are being asked if the interest of our African American children are being taken into consideration. Though the board is no longer under Department of Justice oversight, some are wondering why less African Americans are in the central office, as compared to Whites. Even at predominately Black schools, there are White principals where there were once Black leaders. These are some of the things that the community will consider when they decide who they want to represent them on the school board at the next election. Until that time comes, the community wants some answers from the Superintendent on how personal information could be compromised and why no one has been held accountable. We still have a ways to go.


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