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Trump's Insensitivity


Donald Clarke/ AP

Many thought things could not get any worse after the 45thPresident of United States met with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un. Well, things for America have gotten worse as America's policies and laws on immigration have changed and rules are now being strictly enforced.

Some media and the current Presidential administration portrays people of Latin and Caribbean descent as dirty, vagrant, cruel people who will bring violence and harm to America. The picture they won't paint is that these people are just like everyone else who simply want better for themselves and their families.

Most people fleeing Mexican, Caribbean, and South American countries have been left with no other options. Violence in places like Honduras, Haiti, and Guatemala is what is driving immigration numbers to rise. People would rather risk their lives fleeing and getting away, than to be sucked into a life of crime, corruption, and fear. These are people who are seeking a better life for themselves and their families. These are people who have been or could potentially become victims. There were once rules in place that protected those who were fleeing countries due to extreme circumstances, gang violence, or sexual violence, but those rules have recently changed.

If they make it to US, their lives are still filled with many challenges. The new US rules on immigration provide no real human rights, and deport immigrant workers as soon as they are found to immigrant camps where they are forced to stay until they are sent back to their home countries. Some immigrants are even forced to labor in prison like camps. Worse though, kids are separated from their parents and made to live in camps along with other immigrant kids. These kids are left scared and alone with no knowledge or understanding of what is really happening.

Our country was founded with based on principles that support those who are looking for better opportunity and freedom. We are now digressing on the basic principles of which our country was formed, but only reneging on those who some think is not worthy.

What is happening is unethical and just plain cruel. I do not know what will happen in our country's future, but what I do know is that the golden rule exists for a reason.

Cruelty to people is not right, and every action taken does and will have a reaction.


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