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Solomon Temple 5th Annual Women's Conference


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The 5fth annual women's conference held recently, at the Solomon Temple Baptist Church was a phenomenal success, and a Godly Blessing from on high. It was a Pentecostal experience that will go down in history as an anointing from the most High God. St. Luke women's ministry gave devotion followed by a solo from the song bird Minister Mary Hill-Byrd and Sister Deborah Smith followed with a warmhearted welcome. Antioch ladies' auxiliary along with Sister Gloria Battle and Sister Shirley Burton ministered the seed offering. Ministries were broken down into classes where Rev. Vance Price and Brother Brandon Gultery ministered to the young men on "How to Control Your Temper."

The girl's ministry was taught by Sister Ora Alise Greely who taught our girls that they are "Queens in the Kingdom." Evangelist Virginia Howard ministered to the congregation on how to control their anger by practicing what God's word says. Minister Zachary Thomas, a 17-year-old minister and student from Ruston High School and New Beginnings Worship Center, ministered on the Beatitude. Our keynote speaker on Saturday, Minister Suzanne Branch enlightened us on the Beatitude, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." Diane Gordon Long served as Mistress of Ceremony. Sunday's speaker Rev. Karen Garrison summed up the whole conference explaining how anger consumes us and we cannot be healed in many instances because of how or bodies respond to anger. Anger hinders our relationship with the Father, and it blocks our blessings.

Visitors came from as far away as Shreveport, Atlanta, Georgia, Dallas, Texas and many other places. Greater Free Gift's Donterrio Anderson, Solomon Temple's Monyea Hampton and Guest Minister Karen Garrison teamed up to minister in song with "God's Got A Blessing." God is truly in the blessing business.


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