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Mother's Child Neglect Terrifying


Children don’t ask to come here. Many variables play a role in what causes a mother to hurt her own child including mental illness, drug, addiction, or someone who was once themselves abused, deepening the mystery of how anyone could do such a thing.

According to police reports, On June 13, Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 21-year-old Julexis D. Wiley, the mother of a five-year-old victim in a child abuse case. Wiley was charged with second degree battery and cruelty to juvenile, after her son was taken to University Health Conway hospital by his grandmother with severe injuries.

The victim had swelling to his lower back, a scar below the left shoulder blade, swelling and a scab at the left ear, and a welt and scab on his right buttock cheek. Deputies reported that she beat her sleeping child with a shoe. The grandmother of the victim stated, that the suspect, her daughter, said she thought about killing the child. Wiley’s mother continued in statement that she believes that her daughter is on drugs and has anger issues.

Wiley is being held on $200,000 bond in OCC. Child Protection Services of Louisiana asks that you call the child abuse hotline if you reasonably believe that a child has been abused, neglected, exploited, or abandoned. There are three sides to every story. This was one side of this story. The Monroe Dispatch welcomes another or the other side of this story.


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