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Dead Church Shooting; What's next?


November 9, 2017 | View PDF

When fifty seven people died and hundreds injured at the hands of one individual in Las Vegas weeks ago, many in this “nation of guns”, just knew that our leaders in Washington would finally do something. Many thought(or believed), that our country’s leaders were going to say, “enough”, these killings have to stop. Or so they thought. After the usual “thoughts and prayers” sentiment expressed by our political leaders including President Trump, for a moment there seemed to be some momentum arising from the populace to do something about gun violence, and how to stop these senseless massacres of innocent people. There was early talk of eliminating the so called “bump stock” on guns that could convert weapons into automatic firing weapons of destruction, as was used by the shooter in Las Vegas. Leaders in Washington, particularly Republicans were starting to “feel a little heat” from angry Americans, saying that it is now time for action. But Republicans are good at the “wait and see game”, where they are willing to see how long public anger will last, and how long the media will keep the story alive. In both cases, Republicans came out on top. But now, after the latest mass shooting in a Texas church, people are beginning to once again have hope that leaders in Washington, will have the political courage to enact simple measures to hopefully stem the rising tide of mass shootings, that seem to occur with more frequency in America. And no, for the umpteenth time, this is not about taking guns away from people.

The one thing that has many people upset, is that after the “thoughts and prayers” gesture by our leaders, is that they are just words, yet no action from them. Don’t misunderstand, thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families are very important because that is our connection to one another as human beings. It is supposed to show that we are “still connected” to God, showing that we have empathy/compassion for those that are suffering from a personal tragedy. Prayers are more important than ever because mankind is slowly headed to his final destination on earth, where he will no longer have dominion. It is with the time that we have left, that we need to show that we can be good stewards, especially to one another. That’s where leadership comes in. Godly leaders are expected to be exemplary, humble and full of wisdom. They are also to be lead by the Holy Spirit.

House Speaker Paul Ryan was heavily criticized for only saying that “his thoughts and prayers” were with the victims, defended himself by saying that those on “the secular-left” didn’t understand, and their criticism was only dividing the nation. Talk about politicizing a tragedy! But the Speaker, like his fellow Republican and some Democrats in Washington will not ask for the wisdom to be released from the yoke that the NRA has around their necks. Could it be those large campaign contributions that keep them bound?

Religious leaders, who many lean to conservatism, defend prayer though it needs no defending. People are not attacking prayer. It is the inaction by our Republican leaders that do have the power to enact changes that can make a difference, but refuses. They talk about God as a source of healing and strength, but not about wisdom/guidance on how to solve this gun dilemma. The house of worship is seen as more than just a building with walls. It is an sanctuary for the lost, for those seeking redemption and most importantly-love. Violence from guns may keep some away. When the world sees that the church is just as vulnerable to violence as anywhere else(and it is), the prayers must continue. But God has shown that He moves when we allow Him to show us the way. Perhaps that is what our leaders should add when they offer their thoughts and prayers.

Remember, the world is watching. So is God.


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