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Thieves at Church… Again


November 9, 2017

Is this getting worse or what?

There are people coming to church services, sitting through most of it and stealing out of people purses. We now hear that items are being stolen from unlocked cars in the parking lot. It is unfortunate that thieves wait until altar prayer, the holiest moment in church to steal.

Thieves are bold.

Unfortunately, one particular church has leaders who admonish their members against mentioning the incidents of theft outside the church family. We all know that would never work.

It has always been said, “What goes on in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.” However, we know that there is not one church around here by the name of Las Vegas. News about the stealing in church has spread like wildfire. Of course, the story has many parts, and one cannot figure out which church has the stealing problem.

It may be better if the church leaders point them out so they can be truly embarrassed or perhaps, legal charges may need to be brought against them.

We may notice more ladies carrying their purses to the altar or simply kneeling at their seats where they can watch their purses.

Several ladies are preparing to set a trap for them with mouse traps set in their purses. A couple of snapped fingers ought to teach them a lesson.

Reportedly, some smart phones are also missing from purses.

One suggestion is to have more ushers in the church to watch people’s belongings. While someone says individuals should handle their own affairs with law enforcement and keep the church out of it. People should lock cars and secure their purses by keeping them with them…even in church.

This is sad, but reality. Thieves are still stealing in the church.


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