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From Geraldine McGee's Heart


November 9, 2017 | View PDF

Synkieva McGee

It has been a long, hard and difficult year for Geraldine McGee. On Nov. 21, 2016 it will one year since McGee lost her daughter, Synkieva when she was killed by the man she was seeing, through an act of domestic violence. Quendron M. Bernard allegedly killed Synkieva because he was a jealous and controlling individual. When Synkieva realized what kind of relationship that she was involved in, Bernard was in the words of Ms. McGee, had become possessive, as he "wanted her" all for himself. "He would harass Synkieva on her job, not want her to fellowship with church members and even have a relationship with me", said McGee. Synkieva's life came to a tragic end a year ago this month, as she was killed with her children in the home where Bernard also allegedly stayed. The children, according to McGee would often times stay with her because they were afraid of Bernard. But by the "grace of God", the children were spared, as Synkieva's son called 911 and McGee, telling them that "Momma was not breathing" as McGee was at her job when she got the terrifying call. She says that she is thankful to God that her grandchildren are alive, but she knew that "her princess" was gone. Bernard, said McGee was "treated good" by the family, even giving him money to travel back to Baton Rouge LA when he didn't have any. Synkieva's father was a "loving father" who just spoiled his first child. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why Geraldine McGee can face these difficult days knowing in her heart, that she had to do the right thing by forgiving Bernard for taking her daughter away from her, when he should have left her alone.

Geraldine McGee is a strong woman of faith in God. People often times said that they are "of faith", but will leave out "in God", thinking that the intended link was made. But McGee throughout the time with this reporter, talked about how God gives her the strength to face another day. Though she takes one day at a time, she knows that she has to be strong for Synkieva's children. McGee believes that God is using Synkieva for His purpose, and that Synkieva's legacy is being lived through her. She says that she wants to educate other women, particularly young women, to not be involved with men that are controlling.

"Look for the signs", says McGee. Signs that women should be aware of are, stalking, jealousy, being around your job, mental problems and drugs. But McGee relies on her strong faith in God, knowing that Synkieva did not "die in vain", as she reads the scriptures daily for strength and comfort. She has forgiven Bernard for his transgression against her family, and pray that he will seek Jesus while he has time.

McGee has great support from people that she knows. One of those persons is Dr. Kay Honeycutt who was like a "second mom" to Synkieva, and it shows. This reporter has interviewed McGee several times since that tragic November day, and she has been with McGee every step of the way, as both women also has a strong faith in God. But McGee's focus is on Synkieva's children who misses their mother every day. McGee's advice to young women is, "let God bring you the right mate". Please keep Geraldine McGee and Synkieva's children in your prayers.


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