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Years ago, I saw a gorgeous hairstyle on a woman who worked in the same office building as my company was housed. Each morning I saw her I would admire her hairstyle. It was cut in a long bob and she would style it in many different ways. After a few months I decided I wanted to take the plunge and cut my hair too in a bob like hers, and asked her for her stylist’s information. After a consultation with her stylist, I pulled the trigger and had my hair cut.

It was bad and looked nothing like I expected. I was so disappointed. I wanted to achieve a look like hers but instead looked

horrible. The stylist had to cut mine a little shorter than anticipated because of some heat damage. I tried styling it different ways but it still didn’t look the way I wanted. It eventually grew out and I found another hairstylist who was able to work with my hair and teach me ways to achieve the looks I desired.

Circumstances and situations often play out the way my terrible haircut turned out. There is a hope or expectation when we see something we like on someone else, and hope to get the same outcome. Reality however does not always give us what we want in that moment in the way we want it according to what we have seen. We have to figure out how to make it work or appreciate it for what it is in the moment.

Does this mean we should have poor expectations? Heck no! It is good to have great expectations about things that can potentially happen to us. We do have the power to manifest what we think or expect. We also have to be able to reconvene if things don’t work the way we expect. Keep your life moving positively whether circumstances happen at your expectations or not.


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