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"Wonder Why Weeping Willows Weep"


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Copyright 1999

I have often wondered why the weeping willow cries

Could it be for the same reason that tears fall from my eyes?

Like the limbs of the willow, I was reaching for the sky

Then came the axe called life to cut me down before I received my prize

Cutting me at the core of the dreams that I had inside.

But, I shall survive this axe and boldly declare that this is not my end

Because I have other crosses to bear and so much life to lend

I refuse to fall to the ground never to rise again

Or weep like the willow, because me and life aint friends.

The blistering sun strikes the mountaintop and melts its blinding snow

Creating streams of living waters that exalt the valley below

Each day I learn things I never knew I didn’t know:

Tears are more that just the sweat from a broken and weary soul

They can give sight to blinded eyes and cause your river to flow

Tears have been spilled for a million years, but they don’t make flowers grow.

To every door that is locked there has to be a key

And, the wisdom of God is only found by those of us who seek

The willow’s tears don’t fall in vain, they have a lesson to teach

Although they have no lips or tongue, somehow they manage to speak

Sometime we cry when we are sad or when we are feeling grief

But, tears have never stopped a man from chopping the willow tree

Neither will they change what happens in life, if it was meant to be

The truth is harsh and has no friends, but it will set you free

Nature is used to give us a view of life’s realities

In case you ever “Wonder Why Weeping Willows Weep”.


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