Monroe Dispatch - No Struggle, No Progress

By Marion Obafemi
The Po Folks Poet 

"Wonder Why Weeping Willows Weep"


November 2, 2017

Copyright 1999

I have often wondered why the weeping willow cries

Could it be for the same reason that tears fall from my eyes?

Like the limbs of the willow, I was reaching for the sky

Then came the axe called life to cut me down before I received my prize

Cutting me at the core of the dreams that I had inside.

But, I shall survive this axe and boldly declare that this is not my end

Because I have other crosses to bear and so much life to lend

I refuse to fall to the ground never to rise again

Or weep like the willow, because me and life aint friends.

The blistering sun strikes the mountain...

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