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Reason for the Season


November 2, 2017 | View PDF

We experience four seasons each year - fall, winter, spring, and summer. Each season has a distinctive purpose. The spring is the transition between cold and hot weather and most often brings rain, but the rain does not last long. After the rain, beautiful flowers begin to bloom and leaves begin to sprout on trees and bushes. The temperature is normally pleasant. The summer, like the spring brings beautiful flowers. The summer is the season in which you would see most people out enjoying the summer air on the beach or in the park. The temperature can get hot and humid depending on where one may live. The fall, my favorite season, brings cooler temperatures. The fall brings beautiful hues of dark green, yellow, orange, and red as a sign of things that no longer have life dying and making room for the new. People are seen in light layers of clothing like turtlenecks and jackets. The winter brings cold weather temperatures that normally makes everything stand still. In the winter, animals hibernate, and people similarly retreat indoors to cozy fires. After the four seasons are complete, the cycle repeats itself. Global warming, a manmade demolition of the seasons, proves to us that we cannot neglect our environment and still live harmoniously. Perhaps God created our four seasons for us to see and experience as a parallel to life and the change that we too should and will experience. What if the four seasons are a guideline for our lives and the way in which we should live to be productive products of God? In the spring, we should learn new habits and begin watering the things we want to mature. In the summer, we should continue to nurture but also enjoy some of the fruits of our labor. In the fall, we must let go of things that may need to be dropped in order to improve our lives. In the winter, we should reflect on what has happened and begin planning to be productive in the next year of our lives.

Global warming to ourselves

is neglecting our natural growth and evolution. We cause global warming to ourselves by not listening to our bodies to understand what we need at each given season in our own lives. Let’s be kinder to our planet and ourselves. Let’s all take the time to listen to what God is trying to do in our lives and world.


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