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October 26, 2017 | View PDF

Monroe-West Monroe Bike Route

On October 19th, West Monroe Mayor Dave Norris and I held a joint ribbon cutting ceremony on the Endom Bridge to commemorate the connection of pedestrian bike routes in the Twin Cities. We were joined by council members and aldermen from the twin cities, representatives from Monroe Advocates for Safe Streets (M.A.S.S.), the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, West Monroe-West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce, Ouachita Business Alliance, and the public.

West Monroe announced the addition of their first bike route which starts at the Endom bridge and goes to Lazarre Park. Those riding their bikes can now ride over the Endom Bridge and connect to a Monroe bike path that goes to the Forsythe Park boat dock. The route from Forsythe Park to Lazarre Park is a total of 7.1 miles, connecting Monroe-West Monroe.

The City of Monroe currently has six pedestrian bike routes. This is another reason for all of us to be Monroe Proud. We are happy to share in this moment with Mayor Norris and the City of West Monroe. At this event, we also honored our friend Miles Luke, as his legacy lives on through the men, women, and children who will utilize the bike paths throughout Monroe and West Monroe.

This is an effort by the Twin Cities to promote Healthy Lifestyles, which is #49 on Mayor Jamie Mayo’s 60 for 60 Project List. Connecting the two cities with bike routes was a dream of Miles Luke, who passed away this December. Miles, and members of M.A.S.S., helped spearhead the development of the multiple bike paths we’ve created in Monroe over the past several years.

“The City of West Monroe Parks and Recreation is very excited to add another dimension to our services to the citizens of West Monroe and Ouachita Parish. The addition of this new bike route is hopefully just the beginning of many more miles of designated bike routes on the west side of the river,” says Doug Seegers, Director of Parks & Recreation for the City of West Monroe.

The Share the Road Committee began in 2008 when Miles Luke first met with Mayor Jamie Mayo and personnel within Monroe’s Planning and Zoning Division to discuss bike routes. A meeting was set up with various city departments & divisions, and well as members of the biking community to begin planning for the first routes. Monroe Advocates for Safe Streets (MASS) was formed the next year. Since that time, in Monroe, six pedestrian bike routes have been dedicated - with a total of 52.9 miles (round-trip) or 26.45 miles (one way).

By working together, we are making a difference!


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