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Democrats vs Republicans; Good vs Evil


October 26, 2017 | View PDF

Forget the labels, hype and distractions. There are no democrats, republicans, independents, or other parties representing the people and government of America. Only people with good and evil purpose and intentions are elected to govern the people and affairs of America. Elected officials sometime use labels to justify and hide their conscious and heartfelt actions, that positively or negatively affect the lives and well-being of the American people. Whether democrat, republican, independent, or others, each elected official’s actions, or lack thereof, speaks for that official’s representation. It doesn’t matter if an elected official elected at the local, state, or federal level is labeled as any of the above. It is their actions, policies, legislation, inaction, and decisions put forth towards the government of the people they are elected to represent, that truly depicts who they are and what they represent. God loves the truth. The truth is from the light. Those who have spiritual eyes and ears can see, and hear the truth that God reveals. For those who are spiritually blind and deaf, they cannot discern, or conceive the truth, or the light, and can be deceived, and led blindly by elected officials toward self ignorance and destruction. Take the labels democrat and republican elected officials; Democrats have portrayed themselves to be good, the standard bearers, and voice of the poor, elderly disabled, children, equality, justice and other positive representations that uplift, advance, and protect the American people and American government. Republicans exhibit representation of the rich and powerful, major businesses and corporations, the well-connected and elitist of America. Republicans propose and pass legislation that negatively affects the lives and livelihood of poor, elderly, disabled and other disenfranchised Americans. They take from the poor and give to the rich, impede freedom and justice, and the forward progress of America. These actions represent evil. To cut social security, welfare, food stamps, veteran and disabled benefits, medicaid/medicare, housing, school lunches, etc., is sinful. Please vote!


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