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Club Nuvvo Loses Alcohol Renewal


October 26, 2017 | View PDF

Club Nuvvo

Residents of Frances Towers and the community were out in full force Tuesday night at the Monroe City Council meeting to voice their strong disapproval to recent incidents in/around Club Nuvvo. The club located at 109 Catalpa Street had been the subject of recent city council meetings, where a spokesperson for Frances Towers Residents urged council members "to do something" because they were afraid that someone could get killed. At the last council meeting two weeks ago, Councilman Kenneth Wilson (Dist. 4) said that when it came to the "safety of the elderly", he would vote to shut the club down. That was in reference to the upcoming alcoholic beverage license renewal that the club's owner has requested for council approval. However, there was a concerted effort by supporters as they flooded council chambers waiting for their turn to voice their concerns if needed. Their concerns ranged from not only the recent shooting, but also the noise that they said that could be heard over a long distance from their residence. They also mentioned the number of times that the police had to come out to the club to investigate complaints, or calls about activity at the club. One citizen said he was there for the residents, including his mother who also lived there. Residents were also afraid that in the event of another shooting that the shooter would run to the nearest place to hide which would have been Frances Tower.

Club owner, Mahemud Tejani argued that if the residents were so afraid, why were they still living there when a murder was committed where they are staying. Order had to be restored after angry residents grumbled loudly at Tejani's remarks. The owner also argued that shots has been fired in other areas around businesses, but none of them are closed. He then asked if his renewal is denied, could he still remain open as a club. According to city attorney Angie Baldwin, Club Nuvvo could remain open, but alcoholic beverages would not be permitted. Club manager Tyrone "K-9" Dickens apologized for his comments directed at Councilman Wilson at the last council meeting, said that "if this license is rejected, others should be also". He said that there have been other shootings that "we don't hear about". He asked about the need for a curfew to keep "kids" with guns from being in the streets. "The problem is that kids are out of control", said K-9.

The subject of how many times police officers had to be dispatched to Club Nuvvo was a concern for Wilson and Councilwoman Juanita Woods. Woods asked Officer Ken Hancock how many calls did the police have to respond to at clubs in the same area as Nuvvo,. The officer said that it was more than Nuvvo. However, not all calls were after a crime was committed as at Nuvvo. There were complaints of possible fire code violations from overcrowding. Nonetheless, it was Councilman Wilson who said that he is voting "no", because he is "a boots on the ground" person, that he would rather "lose his seat" and protect the elderly. Councilpersons Gretchen Ezernack, Juanita Woods, Eddie Clark and Wilson voted to deny the license, while Mike Echols abstained, citing properties downtown and the issues that he had with Tejani. The council by a 3-2 voted to introduce an ordinance that would amend rates and fares for the Monroe Transit System. However, before anything become law, there will be an opportunity for the public to be heard at a public hearing at the next council meeting.


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