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The Soul of Black and White America


October 19, 2017 | View PDF

There is a stark comparative difference of daylight and darkness between black and white races in America, which is reflected and manifested through the actions beliefs and history attributed to both races in the world. Of course the differences between blacks and whites are not solely exclusive to each race, as both to slight degrees exhibit some of the same attributes, but as a matter of balance on the scale of truth, reality and justice, both are unique in the path they have displayed in life. As a preference in obedience to God’s commandment, blacks exercise love toward its neighbors of all races. Whites demonstrate contempt and hatred towards blacks and other races. Blacks believe in integration of the races (segregated schools, communities, churches, etc.). Blacks believe in liberty, justice for all. Whites practice injustice towards blacks systematically. Blacks believe in peace on earth and good will toward all mankind Whites partake of war and strife, destruction and death on a global scale (toward man, animals, fish, fowl, environment, etc.). Blacks as a whole, put no emphasis on material things. Whites have sought to own the whole world, and everything in it. Blacks believe in freedom. Whites practice all levels of enslavement (spiritual and physical). Blacks believe in, “thou shall not steal.” Whites have stolen America from the American Indians, blacks from Africa, black property, inventions, heritage, and identity. Blacks believe in equality. Whites believe in white superiority. Blacks love and seek God’s light. Whites have retreated to and embraced the darkness in the world. The souls of black and white America are truly like night and day. Vote!!


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