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New Road Economic Growth


October 19, 2017 | View PDF

I think that there is an old saying that goes, “if you build it, they will come”, or something like that. That is precisely what Dr. Ollibeth Reddix must have had in mind after her colleagues on the Ouachita Parish Police Jury passed a resolution that she sponsored to stimulate economic growth in eastern Ouachita Parish. During Monday night regularly scheduled meeting of the Police Jury, Dr. Reddix’s resolution would “support the submission” of a $250.000 grant application to the Delta Regional Authority to assist with the construction of a parish road in east Ouachita. The road would be a secondary one that will help alleviate the traffic on Millhaven Road and will come with a cost of at least $1,000,000. However, Reddix believes that the road would spur economic development in the area, because if there were a road that offers easy access for businesses that want to relocate, or start up, the infrastructure would already be in place. A grant of $250,000 is a long way from completion of a new road, but the possibilities are there for the area to grow. Reddix said, “That the $250,000 grant is better than nothing”, while noting that she has the support of her constituents in the area.

The subject of roads had come up earlier in the meeting when Jurors learned that there would be a $128,000 savings on the Caples Road project in west Ouachita. That road project is near completion, as Juror Jack Clampit was elated to hear that the Jury didn’t have to spend more money on change orders, on projects where the contractor makes a request for either more time or money to complete a certain project. According to Clampit, the Caples Road project was the fourth road project that was started/done through the west side tax measure that was passed last year by west Ouachita voters. East Ouachita Police Jury members are hoping that voters on the east side will have a change of heart by passing the tax measure in November, ensuring new road projects on the east side of Ouachita.

In other business, the Police Jury agreed to enter into an agreement with Caddo Juvenile Detention with that of Green Oaks Detention Center, where each facility will “house” the other detainees if there is an emergency at either facility where space is needed. The agreement will also cover all area of detainment, including medical care.


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