Monroe Dispatch - No Struggle, No Progress

By Marion Obafemi
The Po Folks Poet 

"Show Us A Sign" (Ezekiel 33)


October 19, 2017

They stop and stare, because I wear, my nappy dreads so long

My pants are sagging, because I carry, a load that’s heavy as stone.

Didn’t go to college, lack the knowledge, to earn a 6 figure pay

Schooled in the streets, so I can peep, the game you trying to play.

I’m getting drunk, smoking blunts, to take away all the pain

I step outside, so I can cry, and mix my tears with the rain.

My veins, are full of cocaine, and I still ain’t high

I’m full of pills, trying to steal, a little peace for my mind.

They said that Jesus, was gone meet us, in the time of our need

I don’t trust...

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