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"Show Us A Sign" (Ezekiel 33)


October 19, 2017 | View PDF

They stop and stare, because I wear, my nappy dreads so long

My pants are sagging, because I carry, a load that’s heavy as stone.

Didn’t go to college, lack the knowledge, to earn a 6 figure pay

Schooled in the streets, so I can peep, the game you trying to play.

I’m getting drunk, smoking blunts, to take away all the pain

I step outside, so I can cry, and mix my tears with the rain.

My veins, are full of cocaine, and I still ain’t high

I’m full of pills, trying to steal, a little peace for my mind.

They said that Jesus, was gone meet us, in the time of our need

I don’t trust ‘em, because while we suffer, they fill their pockets with greed.

The politicians, never listen, until they want us to vote

During the election, you can catch ‘em, telling lies about hope.

I’m smoking reefer, where’s the preacher, when I need to get high

I think I need, a trampoline, so I can touch the sky.

They never seek us, like King Jesus, said they should in His book

While they be waiting, we turn to Satan, getting caught by his hook.

If Jesus left, you as His rep, then where the hell have you been?

A heartless wolf, who knows the book, leave sheep to die in their sins.

While we are drowning, instead of frowning, you need to throw us a line

If God is real, we need to feel, His love so SHOW US A SIGN.


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