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America's Anthem, Flag, Freedom, Justice Hypocrisy


October 12, 2017 | View PDF

God loves the truth and the light. The American National Anthem, flag and claims of freedom and justice do not have the same symbolism for all Americans. Certainly not for black Americans and other minorities, the poor and downtrodden. White Americans appear to be America’s preference for privilege. Other Americans are, by virtue, considered to be second class citizens. Therefore, the emphasis, loyalty, devotion, worship and praise directed toward the Anthem and flag take on quite a different perspective according to what category one falls in as an American citizen, and lately for those non-whites seeking citizenship in America. America touts itself to be the land of the free and freedom, but has, and still to an overt extent enslaves blacks from the legal era of slavery and involuntary servitude, to the current day mass imprisonment, arrest, convictions, sentencing, false witness, wrongful death, murder and executions, lack of due process, racial profiling, racism, discrimination, suppression, etc. Black Americans are still not free. America proclaims itself to be a land of equal opportunity, yet it has and continues to deny blacks the same opportunities given to whites concerning blacks being denied opportunities for equal justice under the law, equal lending and credit, equal pay and voting, employment, education, housing, schools, communities, services, money, resources, civil rights, human rights, and the constitutional Bill of Rights. America has been deceptive in its claim to be a nation of law and justice, when government officials and the rich and powerful break every law, rule, code, regulation, statue, or ethic ever written without consequence; while blacks and the poor suffer the full and excessive brunt of the law, America’s brand of justice to blacks equates to, “just us.” Blacks/poor are in a continuous fight for freedom, liberty and justice is America. The American flag to many Americans, represents enslavement, impoverishment, unemployment, injustice, misrepresentation, war, death, destruction, money, greed, corruption, power, blood, sweat, tears, and deception. The National Anthem, some say, depicts the same. Vote!!


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