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Articles written by Mr. Marion Obafemi

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"IF WE HAD KNOWN" (The if I would have, could have, should have poem)

IF WE HAD KNOWN that the favor you did for us would be the last good deed of your hands We would have asked you to do something that was impossible for any woman, girl, boy or man Like walking the shores of the seven seas and count each grain of...


"Wonder Why Weeping Willows Weep"

Copyright 1999 I have often wondered why the weeping willow cries Could it be for the same reason that tears fall from my eyes? Like the limbs of the willow, I was reaching for the sky Then came the axe called life to cut me down before I received my...


Thy Will Be Done

Copyright 2016 Dear Heavenly Father, dont mean to bother, you but we need to talk Go wake up Jesus and Job, because I was told, they had a simular walk The Lord will understand me, because I’ve been nailed to a tree, blood dripping from my feet...


"Show Us A Sign" (Ezekiel 33)

They stop and stare, because I wear, my nappy dreads so long My pants are sagging, because I carry, a load that’s heavy as stone. Didn’t go to college, lack the knowledge, to earn a 6 figure pay Schooled in the streets, so I can peep, the game...


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